This initiative began as an academic survey of research on clean energy projects in  Indigenous communities in Canada.  It soon became clear that there were an inspiring amount of projects across the country.  This website was built to share this inspiration and will hopefully contribute to the continuing development of renewable energy by Indigenous communities in Canada.

This project is led University of Calgary professor Greg Lowan-Trudeau through support from the Werklund School of Education with connections to the Oikos Centre for the Environment. Graduate student Rajan Rathnavalu, with links to the Chester Ronning Centre, conducted the initial data collection, Google map creation, and website development. Undergraduate researcher Hannah Hunter-Loubert from the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work also contributed the review of literature found under findings.

If you have information, photos, or links related to a project in your community that you would like to add to this resource, or corrections to existing data, please let us know.We would love to hear from you.

Email: indigenousenergy1@gmail.com


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